Jul 03

Peck’s Secret Cache

peck green egg

*It will not make her invisible, but it may go into a cauldron someday.  

Jun 29

Copper Queen Shrine

copper queen shrine

 I started out just making a lot of pieces for shrine boxes. Making these boxes is a technique I learned from a book called “Creating Personal Shrines” by Carol Owen. Basically, you paint both sides of foamcore with acrylic (or gesso? Maybe gesso works too) and let it dry. Then you glue ricepaper to each …

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Jun 19

Halfway Outside

In which the pullets realize size matters.

*That’s a pretty accurate size differential, actually.

Jun 18

Test Tiles


 These are the test tiles I made for this session of pottery. My favorite is the one on the top left, and my second favorite is in the middle. I had planned on using sprig molds (the geometric shapes on some of these) but my silicone sprig molds weren’t that great so I discarded that …

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Jun 16

Blue Black Cup


 I made these cups for my friend, originally planning to put a very snarky thing on it, but  I decided at the last minute to use this glaze combination instead. It’s a combination of black satin and oasis glazes. I like its subtlety, and it has a good weight.

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