Dec 19

Pigeon Problem, Part Two


Dec 18

Book Review: To Kill a Mockingjay

kill a mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingjay by Harper Collins This book is about the daughter of a lawyer living in District 12 who is chosen to take part in “the Hunger Play” in which children dress up like items of food. The daughter, Scatniss Finch is forced to dress up like a ham for the play, along with other …

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Dec 17

Mulberry Wands Chapter Thirteen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Thirteen     Griff went to Jake’s house to hang out and play games, like he did most Friday nights. It would have been a great way to unwind after a week of hard work, except that he hadn’t had many hours that week. The week before, …

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Dec 16

Book Review: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes-And Other Lessons From the Crematory

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty I really enjoyed this. How can you not like a poignant memoir that makes you laugh with lines like “A girl never forgets the first corpse she shaves.” I got the audiobook, read by the author, who has a raspy, cheerful …

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Dec 15

Paper Mache Owl Sculpture

indigo 005

    I decided to make this when I saw a woman make a paper mache dragon on her website. I was so enrapt I bought her mask-making book and watched all her videos and decided I was going to make some kind of sculpture. I decided on an owl because I’d had owls on …

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