Oct 24

Flooded Burrow

flooded burrow

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Oct 23

Book Review: Impulse

Impulse by Steven Gould I found this book considerably weaker than the previous two. Judging by the difference in the stars, I’m unusual in my opinion. What I liked about the first two books: Davy and Millie learn to use and control amazing powers while running from evil organizations of considerable resources who will stop …

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Oct 22

Mulberry Wands Chapter Five

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Five     Griff sold all the wands that Alex gave him in three days, and he gave everyone his number in case they knew of someone else who wanted one, or if they wanted another one when the first ran out. He drove home feeling stoked, …

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Oct 20

Red Butterfly Book

butterfly book

 This book must have gotten lost in my postings, because I actually completed it earlier this summer. I started with a piece of calico with an autumnal print, and block printed over it with leaf-motif texture plates. This was one of those where I managed to muddy it and obscure the original design, but didn’t …

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Oct 17

Vincent’s Second Burrow

Vinnie's burrow 2

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