Nov 19

Mulberry Wands Chapter Nine

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Nine     Moving Saturday had finally arrived. Zoë had packed up all her things into boxes, neatly labeled, but Darius and Susan hadn’t done jack, so they were flinging clothes into laundry baskets and garbage bags at the last minute. She didn’t think she had that …

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Nov 18

Book Review: For All the Tea in China

For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World’s Favorite Drink and Changed History by Sarah Rose This isn’t quite a book like SALT or THE PERFECT RED that covers every possible aspect of a world-changing commodity. It’s kind of pick and choose about what aspects of the tea trade it covers closely …

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Nov 17

Four Resin-Scrabble Tiles

four resined scrabble tiles

 Here are the last four of the resin scrabble tiles that I made. I s till haven’t decided what to do with them. Pins or pendants, I suppose. Buttons maybe? They’re a little too tall to be good ephemera for a book cover, and maybe a little too elaborate to just be tiles in a …

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Nov 14

Freeze Ray

freeze ray 2

Like this comic? Wanna buy them all? You can! Go here.

Nov 12

Mulberry Wands Chapter Eight

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Eight     Griff felt like he was on top of the world. Not only had he been making plenty of money with the wand selling (enough to move out at the end of his lease, he was sure) but Fallon called him up and asked if …

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