Jul 30

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Thirty

New to the story? S’okay–go here.      Chapter Thirty     When the werewolf lunged for her, Kit was ready. She sidestepped at the same time she fired her revolver. The werewolf yelped in pain and wheeled around, teeth bared. With the jewel enhancing her second sight, Kit could see the snarling face of a …

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Jul 29

Red Mehindi Batik Tee Shirt


  I saw something like this on pinterest, where a woman showed how to use washable gel glue as a resist to batik dye a tee shirt. She wrote something on there, but I decided to use a mehindi design. On the left, you can see where I’ve drawn the design in glue and let …

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Jul 25

Last One Out Lays a Rotten Egg

last one out lays a rotten egg2

  Like this comic? Wanna buy them all? You can! Go here.

Jul 24

Goodreads Giveaway

Mulberry Wands release date is coming soon! I’m doing a giveaway of Alternate Susan, if you want to win a copy. Goodreads Book Giveaway Alternate Susan by Kater Cheek Giveaway ends August 07, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

Jul 24

Book Review: Bird Sense

Bird Sense: What It’s Like to Be a Bird by Tim Birkhead Someone had recommended this book to me years ago, but it wasn’t widely available. Now it’s even on audible. The title is pretty accurate. This book talks about the senses of birds: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and magnetic navigation. Good parts about …

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