Jul 24

Rooster Fight

rooster fight

*Let’s get ready to rummmmmmble!!!  

Jul 17

Rooster Levels Up!

In which adolescence takes over the chicks.

*Vincent has straight-dar.

Jul 10

Chick Food

hungry chick

*It’s only fair. They eat his food.

Jul 09

Small Oak Pinch Pot


 I made a selection of pinch pots because I wanted to re-create some great little flowerpots I made years ago for my succulent collection. I moved to a different house without an east-facing window, and all the plants died, and eventually I lost or the pots got broken. So I made some pinch pots, which …

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Jul 06

Broken Shino Slab Pot


 This is one of those “failure is a part of the learning process” kind of things. I spent a ton of time trying to recreate a pot I’d bought at the store for not very much money, and I ended up failing. But I learned a lot along the way! One of the things I …

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