Aug 11

Fun with Henna

Tiffany’s Hands

Henna FeetLast night I got bored and decided to make a batch of henna.  I’ve experimented with a lot of different recipes, none of which have worked very well.  I think what I decided is that A. putting lemon and sugar on it after it starts to dry really does help, and B. adding a decent quantity of oil to the mix helps with the flow.  I used the thicker jaquard bottle tips, because I didn’t want to deal with clogging, but I think I could have gone one smaller.  Still, it was fun and it turned out reasonably dark.

Tiffany was kind enough to let me use her hands as a canvas.  I also did my own left hand, but the photo didn’t turn out well, so please just imagine that it looks fantastic and I’ll be sure not to dissuade you.

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