Aug 26

Art Journal-Fox and Tomatoes

fox-art-journal-page-2.jpgThis is my latest page in the art journal I’m sharing with my sister.  I used copies of the notes I took at Clarion for the background, and the brown paper are tea-stained scraps of two short stories I wrote.

The title of the piece is Rewriting: An Armful of Tomatoes. My analogy is that carrying an armful of tomatoes is like trying to write a good second draft; how do you get more without losing what you’ve got?

The fox is drawn in colored pencil. Why a fox?  I like foxes, and they’re easy to draw.

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    • DREW on September 1, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    Hey, I think the fox with the tomatoes, and the two books is really great. I’d like to blog it. Do you have a larger version, like on flickr or anything?

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