Nov 11

Finished Little Books

Red Wing Book BackRed Wing book front

 Side of Green Asian bookGreen Asian Book BackGreen Asian book

 Dragonfly wing bookDragonfly Wing book backI finally finished the little books I was working on. The last ones I made were for art journals for my sister and her friend, and the ones before that were for my daughters.  These are going to go to friends of mine, who don’t know they’re getting them.  It will be a surprise.

 I didn’t photograph the end papers, but the end papers were chosen to suit the themes of these books.  The covers are cloth collage/ art quilt, and they wouldn’t look so messy if I had planned them a little better, but now I know more.  I made the wing and coin embellishments out of fimo, and I embossed the velvet with a rubber stamp and an iron.

One thing I did on these books which I quite like is that I burned phrases on the side.  These books read “Do not cage your muse” on the red-wing book, “Quality work has no fear of time” on the green-Asian book, and “Inspiration may strike at any time: Be ready!” on the dragonfly book.  In retrospect, I should have burned the words before I put the covers on, because the covers were made of synthetic material, which melted on contact with the edge of the woodburner.

For the next ones, I’ll make sure the collage squares aren’t larger than the covers of the books.  I don’t like that they overlap the edges; it looks messy.

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    • Keyan on November 8, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    I was one of the lucky surprisees, with the green Asian book. I treasure the book. It’s my Book of Good Things.

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