Feb 21

Glass Flowers 1

Glass Flowers 2Glass Flowers 1

These are simple to make, and we often make them if there isn’t enough time left in class for anything else.  You can make them with spiraled stems, but I like them straight, as they fit into a cupholder.


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  1. sam

    those glass flowers are amazing.

  2. Jane Cheek

    Had a couple of minutes to check out your site – very cool. I’ll be back – I’m impressed with so many things you’ve done! Glad to see you’re still doing glass – beads aren’t everything, you know. ;-)

  3. Rachel Fowler

    I want to purchase a cobalt blue and bright orange glass flower with twisted stems so I can hand them around the neck of wine bottles. Please quote price, shipping, etc. Thanks. R

  4. Mary Enderlin

    Looking for two long stem glass flowers, approx. 20-22 inches in length. (total flower portion and stem)
    Color scheme: Mix of cobalt blue and yellow with colors spiraling/cascading down the stem.
    Eight defined/pointed flat petals on each glass flower.

    Could you make these? If so, could you give me a price?

    Thank you

  5. Donna P Howard

    The flowers above are beautiful. Could you email me pictures of all the flowers you make and the prices. And ordering info.

    Awaiting Response

  6. Kater

    I’m glad you like the flowers, however, I have no time or resources to make them for sale.

    If you like, here is a link to the contact information of one of my glassblowing teachers. http://joshdopp.com/newglass.html

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