May 30

Scribo Crow Book


This book has endpapers that resemble shiny aubergine colored cloth.  Its cover has a base of gessoed cotton.  I wanted to use collage images, but I’m finicky about stealing work from others, so I used stuff I had lying around. The words are lines from my short story ‘Emily’s Fifth Birthday’ cut into strips and painted various shades of red and purple.  The oak leaf motif is a photocopy from the design I did for my fake tattoo this April fool’s day.  The crow is a sketch from my notebook. 

The red color is from a translucent red cloth. I have three or four layers of cloth, and interspaced the other design elements within them so that there were degrees of translucency.  I adhered the whole thing down with acrylic medium.

The letters are from a scrapbooking elements box.  Betsy Hasman helped me with the Latin.  She assures me it means “I write.”  I considered other languages, but Latin won because of the conservation of E factor. Those letter kits never have enough Es.

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    • Delia on May 31, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Wow. I knew it was beautiful, and now I know how it was made, which makes me extra happy that it’s sitting on my shelf, waiting its turn to become my daily journal.

    Thank you.

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