Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 29

Celadon Book


I wanted to do a different cover for this one, one that was almost entirely cloth.  The trouble I always have is how to adhere it.  Gluing it tends to eliminate the soft texture, whereas sewing it means loose edges and threads.  I comprimised and used fusible seam tape left over from the curtains I …

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Oct 28

Nopal Tile

Nopal Tile

Nopales (Prickly pear cactus) and Agaves are among my favorite botanical subjects.  Oaks and blackberry brambles are the others, but those are harder to find. The design was made freehand with slip trailed from a jacquard bottle, like the others.  After the fact, I found that it’s much easier to get the look I wanted simply by using …

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Oct 23

Colored Swallow Book


I made this cover by collaging different colored papers,t hen layering over it with painted paper towel, all adhered together with acrylic medium.  After I had a bright background, I printed on it with block printing ink and my favorite swallow linoblock that I’ve been using for just about everything.  It doesn’t have end papers, …

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Oct 19

Blackberry Tile

Blackberry tile

This is one of the tiles I have up at my etsy shop.  I did it about two years ago, along with most of my other tiles.  It took a long time to make these tiles, because I had to pound the clay flat by hand, using a special mallet.  I got pretty good at …

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Oct 16

Five of Cups Book


This book cover was one of those that seemed like it wasn’t going well up until the point it was finished.  Sometimes failure makes for a better outcome, as I keep trying new things, adding more and more until the end result works.  The inside of the book is one of my handmade book blanks, …

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