Dec 04



I worked on a cap for the violet glass ornament whose hook broke off.  It took two tries, but I managed to get a cap for it. I used wire and beads and crimp beads to make a hook that would stay inside the hole.  Now it’s not the useless broken one anymore, but a unique aubergine-looking ornament.  :)


  1. Keyan

    Charming! (And *very* trendy. All the shops seem to be full of food-shaped ornaments this year.)

  2. Kristal

    I see you enjoy henna and blowing glass. And I also see that you’ve fixed this very lovely ornament. Do you do glueing and wiring and such to fix other broken glass items?

  3. Kater


    No, I haven’t had any other glass items that were fixable. Most of the blown glass items I’ve made were vessels, and a cracked cup won’t hold water.


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