Dec 31

Emily’s Jewelry Box


I made this for my niece Emily, who is seven years old.  I bought the wooden box at Michael’s and spent a few weeks decorating it.  The butterflies are cut out from art paper that I bought at the Paper Studio (one of my favorite stores!)  The lettering on the top is made of polymer clay, and considering how much work it took, it ought to look a lot more spectacular. 

I made the velvet base out of mat board and polyester quilt batting, then sewed on the jewelry so it doesn’t bounce around too much in transit.  I wanted to make the whole thing look a lot more extravagant, but I ran out of time and ideas. 

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    • Keyan on January 10, 2009 at 3:11 am

    It’s lovely. If you’d made it even more extravagant, wouldn’t her sister have been upset? As it is, I think they go together beautifully.

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