Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 29

Weed Cup 2

This has a slightly narrower shape, and is smaller than the other weed cup.

Dec 25

Dark Smiley Ball

dark smiley

Experimenting with photography again. This time I used the speaker stands/tripods to suspend a spotlight about 8 inches above the piece.  Husband and daughter held the other two spot lights, as non-diffused fill. On one hand, I think that the level of detail is acceptable, if not great, and the shadows aren’t distracting, but on …

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Dec 17

Weed Cup 1

This is the same dark brown clay I used in the “dark smiley” piece.  I like the color of the clay body, but it’s rather porous and soaks up glaze.  I needed something waxy and opaque to compete with it, and as I learned from the momiji cups, only white satin would do what I …

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Dec 13

Momiji Cup 2

This was the sister cup to Momiji 1.  I was experimenting with glaze techniques, so I used a different one on this cup. For this cup, I used white satin glaze plus a shino.  Shinos can be a great way to bring out detail, especially details of depth.  While it’s interesting, it’s not quite what …

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Dec 10

Momiji Cup 1

momiji cup1

I got the idea for this series of pieces from a link my friend showed me of an intricate ballpoint drawing on the outside of a styrofoam cup.  I wanted to do the same thing, but in ceramic. For the design, I took about a hundred photos of plants while I was visiting a friend …

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