Dec 25

Dark Smiley Ball

dark smiley

Experimenting with photography again. This time I used the speaker stands/tripods to suspend a spotlight about 8 inches above the piece.  Husband and daughter held the other two spot lights, as non-diffused fill. On one hand, I think that the level of detail is acceptable, if not great, and the shadows aren’t distracting, but on the other hand, I don’t always have volunteers to hold hot and heavy spotlights.  Think I need a boom to hold the small aluminum heat-lamp, and I can use the speaker stands to hold the other spots.  I can use parchment or something to diffuse them.

1 comment

  1. Jerome

    Looks like he’s sleeping. Like the moon when it goes on the other side of the Earth–the part you’re not watching–gives it a moment of shut eye….

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