February 2010 archive

Feb 27

Ace of Pentacles Tile

Finally got my kiln working, and was able to glaze some of the tiles I’d made last year (or was it two years ago?)  I had the idea of basing some tiles off of the Tarot, because Tarot cards are defined enough to provide concrete parameters, yet still have room for personal interpretation.  I doubt …

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Feb 24

Smiley Ball 15

Feb 21

Bellisima Book

For this book cover, I started with orange printed calico over paper, and again did Rorschach-like blobs of black gesso on it.  I wanted to try a photo transfer onto colored paper, so I chose a blue square with brown seedpods printed on it.  The transfer worked fairlywell, and I glued it to the orange …

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Feb 18

Portal Book

For the cloth of this book, I used thin, rainbow tie-dyed cotton.  I added black gesso just as I did to the other two books in this series.  Again I wanted to experiment with photo transfers, so I transferred the images of a poritco (front cover) and gate (back cover) using acrylic medium.  I love …

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Feb 15

Poem Book

I began this book by putting black gesso on to some printed calico in what I hoped were random patches.  Once that was done, a book on photo transfers inspired me to attempt to transfer a photo. I found a photo of a landscape, and transferred it onto the cloth using a thin layer of …

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