Feb 18

Portal Book

portal book coverportal book backFor the cloth of this book, I used thin, rainbow tie-dyed cotton.  I added black gesso just as I did to the other two books in this series.  Again I wanted to experiment with photo transfers, so I transferred the images of a poritco (front cover) and gate (back cover) using acrylic medium.  I love these images, but didn’t want to just leave it at that.

I had the inside of the crow from the stencil, so I adhered it to the cover, hoping it would serve as a focal point.  Unfortunately, it got lost in all that black, so I did the spiral design with red paint marker.  Then, to make sure the edges didn’t buckle from the glue, I laid wax paper over it and put a weight on it. Uh oh. The edges of the crow stuck to the wax paper, and lost some of their culture. I”m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I’m leaning toward the former. Not yet sure how to fix it, but I may yet tinker with this.

The metal work on the back was to satisfy my “stuff for the fingers to feel” urge. I started with medium weight aluminum sheeting, and looked up latin phrases on the internet. I think this one means something like “I strive to improve.” Latin isn’t just for webtemplates anymore!  After I found a good, short, phrase, I picked a font from my calligraphy book and used my incising tools to impress the metal.  The glue on the back should keep it from flattening too badly, I hope.  The inks are alcohol-based inks, good for non-porous surfaces.  I believe that with time the ink will get rubbed off everywhere but the letters.

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