Feb 21

Bellisima Book

Bellisima book coverbellisima book backFor this book cover, I started with orange printed calico over paper, and again did Rorschach-like blobs of black gesso on it.  I wanted to try a photo transfer onto colored paper, so I chose a blue square with brown seedpods printed on it.  The transfer worked fairlywell, and I glued it to the orange background, then used a thin wash of gold acrylic paint to tie it together. In retrospect, I shouldn’ t have used such thick paper to do the photo transfer on, because the resulting cover wouldn’t bend easily over the head and foot of the spine.  It’s messy, and I’m not happy with that part.

The angel statue image was dramatic enough that it felt done with an orange and a blue butterfly (the cut-out and the stamp) to make the front and back of the covers cohere stylistically.

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