Mar 24

Carp Tile

carp tile

This is a technique that I came up with to provide a raised surface design without the fuss of jacquard bottles and slip.  First I used a linoblock and cut a fish into it, trying to make it a simple line drawing as much as possible. Then I rolled out a slap about a quarter of an inch thick. When the tile was the desired thickness, I ran it through again on the same setting with the linoblock face down on the wet clay.  I have another design, that of a dragon, that I have yet to glaze.

The dots in the background are crystals from the glaze. It’s a specialty glaze.

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    • Keyan on March 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    That’s beautiful. I like it best of your tiles so far… it has a simplicity and elegance of composition, and the crystals in the blue glaze give it unexpectedness. Very nice.

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