Mar 30


March photo shoot 026

This is a picture of my front yard.  We used to have a lawn, but I killed it because I hate Bermuda grass with a furious passionate loathing.  In the summer, I let it go dead, but in the winter, I have a vegetable garden and I overseed with flowers. Last year I threw down California Poppy seeds, but this year, I added Flanders Poppies to the mix. That’s what you see here. The default is red, but after a few generations, they spontaneously mutate, so we have some that are white, some that are pink, and some that are red and white. I’m quite proud of them.  They have almost inspired me to take up photography seriously, but the rational part of my mind says that I have too many hobbies and interests as it is.

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    • Keyan on April 7, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    I think the lovely thing about photography in the digital age is that you can take it exactly as seriously as you want to at that moment. And it’s great for illustrating things.

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