Apr 14

The Moon

The Moon, 2

The card ‘The Moon’ almost always has two towers, a wolf and a dog, and a creature that lives in both the water and on the land.  The symbolism is about the transition areas, about the gray areas.  It is the interstitial tarot card.

While the glazing came out better on this tile than on some of the other ones, I’m unhappy with the photography.  My photography skills have a long way to go.  My mistake this time, for one, was using a lamp with fluorescent bulbs instead of getting out the  speaker tripods and hooking up the spots.  In some of the other ones, the color hues became too warm, perhaps as compensation for the relatively cool fluorescent light.  The other problem is that the white spots from the high gloss glaze detract from the overall image.  My husband suggests using gimp to edit the photos instead of Microsoft photo editor.  It’s probably a valid suggestion, but I really dislike learning new programs.

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