Apr 22

Celadon Bird Cup

Celadon Bird cup

To make the surface decoration on this cup, I trailed slip made out of the same clay body.  It came in handy that I had drawn several flocks of birds in my comic, coopdegrace.com, because I could draw them again without a reference.

This cup, alas, is unuseable, because it has a longitudinal crack inside.  This clay body doesn’t like to be thick, but I tend to throw pieces a quarter of an inch thick for insulation and durability.


  1. Amy

    a crack renders it unusable? as opposed to a hole in the bottom?

  2. Keyan

    A pencil-holder, of course. I have flocks of them, all the mugs that chipped but I like too much to throw out, or mugs I liked too much to risk getting chipped. (Or a toothbrush holder.)

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