Jul 01

New Beetles

masked beetles

I liked my other beetles, but they really needed dichroic class. Dichroic glass looks like beetle’s wings, one of the most beautiful things in nature, and I had to combine them.

First, I made the legs by cutting masking tape, lifting the positive, spraying with hairspray, and dusting it with mica pigments.  When I lifted the rest of the tape, I had some great beetle legs ready for bodies.  Next, I cut the dichro (being as careful not to waste it as I could be–that stuff is expensive!) and carefully glued it on to the mica legs.  Super glue does not stick well to mica pigments, fyi.

Once I’d glued the dichro down, I cut clear sheets of glass to fit and set them on the shelf to be fused.  When I got them out, I found that they had these blisters of air surrounding the bodies.  Yes of course, the instructor said, the air got trapped because the dichro took a while to fuse into the background. You have to fuse the dichro first, then cap it in a second firing.  Great.  Now I knew.

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