Sep 06

Poppy Seedpods and Buds

poppy seedpods and buds

These are the seedpods and buds that I made for my tile mosaic project.  To make the seedpods, I rolled out a cone and indented it to show where the inner seed capsules had dried and shrunk in on themselves. then I added a disk at the top, incised with lines to look like the real seedpod, and poked holes underneath to show where the pod opens when the seeds are ripe.  I had to cut off 1/3 of the back so that it would lie flat. I would have rather cut them in half so I could get two tiles for each seedpod, but I don’t think that will look right.

The buds are just ovals sliced in half with lines scratched  on them.  In real life, the buds are fuzzy, but that’s too hard to duplicate. The top of the seedpod, when green, is either purplish or yellowish, depending on the color of the flower. Some of the flowers come up pink or white, and these have yellow calyxes.  The traditional Flanders poppy has a black center (with a dark purple calyx) so that’s what I used here.

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