Nov 04

Black Cat Book

This was one of a series of books I made recently.  I started by taking some ironed sheets of thin cotton cloth.  I used a marbled paper technique wherein dye is laid on top of a bed of shaving cream, only instead of using food coloring or alcohol based inks, I used some leftover fabric dye from a tie dyeing kit. The results were mixed, in part because we had insufficient shaving cream.

The fabric is nearly transparent, so for the paper backing, I used a collage of different patterned and printed paper, including origami paper, maps, and art papers.  The pattern came through in some places better than others.  I expected more of a dramatic effect.

I livened it up with stamps, but still the books all looked pretty similar, so I drew this black cat on it (yes, it’s based on a fairly well-known French ad from a century ago.)

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