Nov 06

Bronze Book

This was actually a book cover that I had started this spring, but had to leave unfinished on the shelf because I ran out of book blanks.  Once I made more book blanks, I got it out to finish up.

I started with a printed calico, which I washed over with violet and black.  You can see the print of gesso that’s fainter (the florentine design) where the wash didn’t take.  I used some bird stamps with interference acrylics, and when I got out the black acrylic paint to print the musical staff, I put some on this as well.

I had a color theme, and knew I wanted to use the bronze charm (which I also used on a previous book) but I didn’t know what should go in the center of the charm, so I cut a circle out of the selvage and used that.  The color matched.  I added the grommets, beads, and brads for texture, then sewed the charm on and glued it to the book blank. When it was finished, I rubbed oil-based rub-n-buff on the cover and especially around the sides to continue the color theme.

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