Nov 08

Rainbow Coin Book

This was one of the series of books I made with the tie-dyed/marbling technique cloth as a base. You can see the faint impression of some of the collage background papers, for example, the joss paper.

After I had the rainbow tie-dyed/marbled cloth with the colored paper back, I laid strips of masking tape over it and began to layer colored washes. Since I did this for all six of the rainbow series book covers, they all kind of look similar.  I used my linoblocks of birds to put some detail, and when that proved insufficient, I used black acrylic ink and my commercially purchased stamps.  For this one, I finished by adding some coins that I had purchased in bulk a few years ago to make belly-dancing costumes (before I stopped belly dancing.)

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    • Chris on November 11, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    I like that the coins are dangling – it gives me the impression that they are doorknockers for gaining access to the book.

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