Dec 08

Weeble Wobble Bowl

When I was trimming a foot on this, I couldn’t get it to center properly, so I ended up just cutting the foot off entirely. I meant to make a three-peg foot, which I’ve done before, but my friends suggested it would be fun to have no foot at all.  I waxed the rim to touch the shelf, and the tech put it on top of some insulation so that it wouldn’t warp too much. It still warped a little, and there’s a crack on the outside on the bottom.

My friends said that if I didn’t want it, they would take it, but now I can’t remember which person exactly said that. If I remember, I’m going to make her take the bowl, because I find it frustrating.

1 comment

  1. Chris

    seriously? It wasn’t me, but if you can’t find the friend, I love it!

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