Dec 30

Tiny Smiley Balls 1

Everyone seems to really love my smiley balls. I’ve ended up giving away over half of the ones I’ve made.  I wanted to have some to give to friends I’m going to visit in the spring, but carrying full-sized ones in my luggage wouldn’t do, so I planned to make small ones.

These weren’t as easy to sculpt as I thought.  Like the doll heads for my faeries, it’s hard to not damage the part you’ve already done while putting pressure on it to create the next part.  I made a couple dozen of them anyway.

Second hardest part–glazing them.  Here’s a picture of a tool I made to hold them while waiting for the glaze to dry.

It’s two forks duct-taped to a champagne cork, with a rubber band for tension.  It works fairly well. I just wish I had four or five of them.

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