Jan 03

Failed Smiley Balls

Part of doing art of any kind involves learning from failure.  I find the low-fire glazes rather tiresome to apply, especially when you can’t set them down until the glaze dries.  I made the nifty double-fork tongs to help glaze them (see last post) and I naturally assumed that it would be easy to just dip them into the jar of glaze instead of brushing glaze on. After all, three coats of cream-thick glaze is rather thick, and we dip our pots at the Tempe Arts center in glaze to good effect.

This is what happened. I suspected it would be too thick when a drop of glaze solidified on the forehead of one of them like a sprouting unicorn horn.  I knocked it off as best I could, and fired it anyway.  Both of these pieces had to be broken off of the stilts to get them loose.

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