May 02

The New Project!

Dear Blog Friends,

So here’s my big update.

I’m planning to epublish my first novel. If it goes well, I’m going to follow it with the second and third, to make a nice, neat trilogy.

This is the plan, and it’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Bear in mind that I’m not a coward. I’ve backpacked by myself across Poland without a guidebook, broken bricks with my hand, and hitchhiked in Japan,  I’ve played with fire (literally), I’ve ridden poorly trained horses, I’ve crashed parties at which I was the only American, I’ve tried very hard in this life to (as Weird Al Yankovic puts it) “grab life by the lips and yank as hard as [I] can.”

Epublishing my novels still scares me.  These aren’t the only novels I’ve written, but they’re my first, and they’re near and dear to my heart.  I keep thinking about everything that can go wrong, and how hard it is to undertake such a big project alone. But I’m not really alone, am I? I have you guys.

Come on over to my other blog to read the rest.

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