May 13

Free Fiction Spotlight: Abyss and Apex

Dear Blog Friends,

I was talking about short story submissions the other day, and realized with shock and alarm that many of my reader friends don’t know that there’s a wealth of free (and cheap) fiction out there to read on the web.   So I present you with “Free Fiction Spotlight” where you can find plenty of stories to read.

This week, I present you with Abyss and Apex.

Abyss and Apex is run by a group of ten hardworking editors and staff who publish a collection of short fiction and poetry quarterly, in January, April, July and October. This month, they have six short stories, one flash fiction (less than 1500 words) and a long poem. They also have book reviews of books published by small press, so you can check out lesser-known works of literature.

The editors at Abyss and Apex like character driven stories that are unusual. They tend to shy away from vampires, elves, and retold fairy tales.  They also like some humor.  A few years back they had a hilarious short story called “Wiki History” about time travelers fixing one another’s mistakes.  You may have read it back then, but if you missed your chance, for a measly five dollars, you can become a subscriber and have access to all their archives. If you donate $25, you even get a free book. Details are here.

Go check it out, and tell me what you think.


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