May 20

Free Fiction Spotlight: Clarkesworld

Dear Blog Friends,

I was talking about short story submissions the other day, and realized with shock and alarm that many of my reader friends don’t know that there’s a wealth of free (and cheap) fiction out there to read on the web.   So I present you with “Free Fiction Spotlight” where you can find plenty of stories to read.

This week, I present you with Clarkesworld.

Clarkesworld does not have to do with Arthur C. Clarke, but is named for its Hugo award winning editor Neil Clarke.  Every month, you can read at least two pieces of original fiction.  They also offer non-fiction, such as interviews.  For those who like to “read” in the car, they have podcasts as well.

Clarkesworld tends to publish shorter words of fiction, preferring stories shorter than 4000 words.  You’ll see mostly science fiction and fantasy here, and an occasional horror piece.

Even though this is the FREE fiction spotlight, I’ll give Clarkesworld a plug by saying that their free fiction is supported in part by Realms, an annual printed anthology with some lovely cover art. They also offer ebooks.  Right now they have “The Things” by Peter Watts, a Hugo nominee for best short story, which they’re offering for only 99 cents.  Go to the home page and scroll to the bottom for a link.

So go check them out, and if you like what you see, leave a comment.  If you love what you see, consider becoming a citizen of Clarkesworld.



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