May 22

“Voice Like a Cello” and “Bear Country”

Dear Blog Friends;

Since last week’s pairing of short stories was so successful, I decided to put up another pair.  Making the cover art was a lot easier this time. I guess practice makes perfect with anything, even new software. I was originally going to pair “Voice Like a Cello” with another short story I like very much, except that I forgot it’s not available right now, so I chose “Bear Country.”

The A side of this single, “Voice Like a Cello” was originally published in Fantasy Magazine in 2009.  Locus picked it for their recommended reading list for that year, which made me very happy.  In it, a woman who is tormented by the voices of the dead travels to France for her father’s wedding.

The B side of this single, “Bear Country” won a local contest several years ago, and was published last year in a print magazine called Pagans and Witches for their animal issue. In it, an artist living in the back country realizes that there’s nothing protecting him from the wilderness but his art.

These stories are currently free on Smashwords. I will eventually put them up on kindle, but Amazon doesn’t let me put stuff up for free, and if I’m going to charge a buck, I want to make it the same price everywhere.  Since I want to always have something available for free, I will leave this pair of stories free until I have the next pairing ready.

If you liked my previous stories, “Emily’s Fifth Birthday” and “Alternative Medicine,” they are now available for sale on Kindle as well as Smashwords.

Still working on adding chapter headings for Kindle so you can skip ahead to the second story. Kindle is harder to format than Smashwords.  I also have no idea how to make something a Kindle “single,” and haven’t been able to find anything on the forums.  That’s why I’m calling this my publishing “adventure.” It’s a learning experience.




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