Jun 05

“Mean Little Kitty” & “Waiting Room at the Hero League”

Dear Blog Friends,

Well, I’ve been a busy woman this weekend. I got two new stories up and published on Smashwords.  The link is here. These are much funnier than the last pairings of short stories.

Both of these humorous fantasy short stories involve cats. The A side, “Mean Little Kitty” is available for the first time. The B side “Waiting Room at the Hero League” was originally published in Big Pulp.

Here’s the extended description:

What’s a woman to do if her pet cat does something really, really bad…like kill someone he shouldn’t? “Mean Little Kitty” involves a cat, a witch, and her teenage son.

Good superheroes need good sidekicks, but Brad aka “Clockstopper,” finds that the competition can be fierce. “Waiting Room at the Hero League” involves a wizard, cats, deadly flying saucers, and ducks.

As a bonus, I’ve included a sample chapter from SEEING THINGS at the end.  Best of all, these stories are completely free for now. They’ll be 99 cents later, so now’s your chance to scoop them up.



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  1. […] about crazy authors is that they are hilarious. I couldn’t help visualising the scene in Mean Little Kitty where the mom in the story looked for her son all over the place and ended up naked on the roof. […]

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