Jun 25

Treemaker, Part 1

Dear Blog Friends,

The advantage of still not having that full-time job I’ve been applying for? I’m way ahead of schedule on the book publishing. Here it is, the long (and by long, I mean 10 days) awaited second novel of the Seabingen series. Downloads on Smashwords haven’t been nearly as brisk (probably because this one isn’t free) but of course, you can change that. Here’s the LINK TO THE KINDLE STORE.

Here’s the link to the first novel, SEEING THINGS in the kindle store. You can search for it, too, though it’s not a terribly uncommon title. The cover is pretty distinctive though. Some really awesome people have been kind enough to review it for me.  You could be one of those awesome people too, if you had a few minutes. 🙂

So maybe some of you reading this are trying to decide on your own if this e publishing thing is right for you. Or maybe you’re a reader, and you hadn’t heard about Smashwords before this (and now you have a place to get free fiction).  I hope it’s been informative.

Anybody have any questions? Like about the series? Or about epublishing? Or about chickens?

Barring that, does anyone have any stories? I like stories.


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