Aug 22

Tee Shirt Crows

This is kind of a weird picture, because it’s a selection of the tee shirts that I silkscreened my crow onto. I’ll post pictures of the crow later, a close up and some cards that I did.

This is actually a new image, not the same crow that I did earlier. I had done the earlier silk screen, but wanted to use the silkscreen for another project, so I washed off all the resist. Sadly, the screen turned out to not be large enough for the other project, so I cleaned it for naught. I ended up doing another silkscreen on that silk, which I’ll talk about in another post.

Fortunately, my dad had a hand-made silkscreen frame he’d made for printing decals for his model airplanes. His silk had resist on it that was probably ten years old, so I had to buy a length of new silkscreen silk, which was fine by me. New silk is better than used silk, because sometimes not all the resist comes off.

To make this crow design, I traced a proof of the crow I’d silkscreened earlier. I traced it twice, one facing right and one facing left, and then painted over both of them with drawing ink. The resist overlapped more than I wanted, and one of the birds got ruined, but this one was still mostly usable. After I was done, I printed crows on everything that didn’t have a crow on it, including some new shirts I got on sale at Target. I also printed in red ink on my dark tee shirts, because the black didn’t show up. It took the better part of two weeks to silkscreen everything, because I did both sides. This isn’t even all of the shirts, because some of them were in the laundry.

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  1. They’re great! (I should know.)

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