Aug 29

Proof Print Crows

Once I finished the silk screen, I wanted to do a proof print to see how it turned out. I use block printing ink for this, as I have a lot of it in different colors. ┬áSince I didn’t want to do it for nothing, I printed the crows onto some blank notecards I’d bought at Michael’s at the huge sale I gorge myself at every Thanksgiving. Now I have a small set of printed notecards, and I also could figure out where the issues were with the silk screen.

For example, you may not be able to tell by looking at this photo, but the beak has a tiny dot at the end of it, and the claws seem to be truncated. On the tee shirts, I touched this up with a brush, but on the cards, I just left them.  The last time I did crow silkscreens, I had a problem with the image not showing up very well, but this time I just did an extra flood sweep with the squeegie to make sure that enough ink went through the screen.

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