Oct 19

Postcard: Steampunk Writing

In a way, this series of postcards is like a series of quick sketches. What do they call them, when you do sketches of one and two minutes poses? Can’t remember. Anyway, I decided I wanted to send more postcards to my friends, especially my sister-in-law, Beth, and my brother Rick. Postcards are expensive, so I had to make some. I wanted them to be fairly sturdy, and they can’t have anything that sticks out, and they have to be less than 6 x 4.1/2″ or you have to pay extra postage (this is actually two cents too few, but it arrived anyway. Shhh).

This has been constructed out of scrapbooking paper and rubber stamps that I own. I looked for images that fit the theme, and combined them together so that it looked different from the original background.

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    • Chris on April 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Is the term thumbnail sketches?

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