Nov 17

Postcard: Witch Calendar

These images are not creative commons because they don’t belong to me. They’re from one of my favorite artists, Jennifer Hewitson, from one of the Llelwyn press Witches’ calendar. I adore this art so much that I kept the calendar for years after it (2007) was no longer useful. I just couldn’t bear to throw the art away. Now I have something to use it for. I upcycled it into this postcard.

So if you are in the bookstores in January and see a bunch of calendars whose art you adore, but you already have a calendar for 2012, consider this as an alternate use for them.  I’ve also cut the months out and framed them as-is. Don’t think of them as a “calendar” but as 12 prints of art you like, on heavy cardstock that you can reuse.

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