Dec 19

Postcard: Death Butterfly

This is my favorite of the postcards, probably because I did more work on this one than the others. I started with the Morgan Green tarot card, and I used a stamp of the frame for the outside, (stamping it on black paper and using white embossing powder) I had to trim it to make it look like it fit. To bring the color to the background, I already knew I wanted to cut out butterflies. I had put some ink on the background to dull it down, and the butterflies brightened it up again. Some of the butterflies are stickers, and others I cut out from some art paper. I actually drew a skull on the back of one of the butterflies. One of these days, I’ll actually get back into drawing and draw more on everything, but I have too many cool things that don’t require drawing.

To get the texture on the papers on the back, I used these scissors which make a design. They are not easy to use, and you have to line them up with each two centimeters you cut. I’d spent so much on the front that I wanted something colorful. Had to use a 44 cent stamp too, because it’s too big for the normal rate.

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