Dec 20

Blue Steampunk Book

Of the three books I made this time, I was sure this one would be my favorite. I started with some cloth that I like very much, and then I got out some of my expensive interference acrylics and my wings silkscreen and made a pair of shimmery wings across it. I added other Victoriana images: the keys and the urns.

I had already decided that I wanted something moveable, and I had in mind that I would use some gear charms I bought for probably too much money. Then I realized that not all the gears had holes in the middle that were the right sort to allow them to rotate. I had a pack of this metal tape that they use for repairing ductwork, and I have a metal embossing set, so instead I decided to emboss the gears and some clockfaces (also too much money at the craft store). They emboss pretty well. When I was done, I touched them with alcohol based inks, which have a lovely random watercolor-hue. ┬áThe cool thing about this metal tape is that it’s TAPE, so when they were done, I stuck them right on the cloth. I used the spinners in the middle of the clocks as my moveable element.

The end papers are gold-brown and black abstract art from 7 gypsies.

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