Sep 07

Keyhole Tumbler 5

This is another example of the plaster mold. When I made the molds of the keys and keyholes in plaster, I used the wax positives I’d crafted with paraffin and the two-part soft silicone molds. ┬áTo get the wax out of the plaster, I baked them inverted in a craft oven over a pad of paper towels. This is marginally useful for getting the wax out.

On one hand, the mold ended up empty. On the other hand, the plaster had been sealed so that it no longer sucked moisture out of hte clay, which meant the clay sprigs didn’t want to release. We tried many methods of releasing them. Spraying the molds with WD-40 worked, but that wasn’t quite what I wanted.

In the end, I discovered that the silicone molds I’d made to make the wax keys and keyholes worked beautifully for soft clay. They worked so well, that I made more two-part soft molds of other embellishments.

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