Mar 04

Gingerbread Robot

When I made the gingerbread houses for the cover of my epublished short stories I had a lot of extra dough left over.  I had this idea in my mind of making an adorable evil robot.  Delightfully, the robot is bigger than the houses, so it made a fun diorama for my Christmas party.  Something happened, and the robot fell over, breaking its arm off and opening the chest cavity in the back. I was heartbroken.

But we could fix it. We could make it faster, stronger. We had the technology (and the candy.) I made the broken arm into an extendo-arm, added a jet pack on the back, and used the unused gable pieces from the larger house as angle stabilizing fins.  Mmmm. Delicious stabilizing fins.


  1. Gabrielle

    That is adorable! Love the wiring along the back. How did I not see that when you made it?

  2. Kater

    You may have seen it before it broke and I fixed it with the new stuff.

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