Apr 08

Bottlecaps Second Group

I mentioned in an earlier post how I make these bottlecaps. One of the hardest parts is finding enough amusing and visually interesting pieces to put in them. If the background is simple, like the bottom left and the bottom right, I need to have more interesting inserts. I do have a few watch insides. Watch bands tend to break after a year or two, and a new watch is cheaper than a new watch band. (Yes, I always wear a watch. Don’t tell me it’s easier to look at my phone. Unlike Dick Tracy, my phone doesn’t strap to my wrist.) the gear is from a package of gears from the Tim Holz line. I’ve seen people use them liberally to make steampunk jewelry, etc.

If the background paper is more interesting, such as the bird, upper right, I can get away with simpler findings. In that one, I used mylar confetti. I used to have quite the collection of mylar confetti. I still know where to get some, but my sister and I stopped the confetti-letter war back in the 90s.

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