Apr 22

Blueline Cup

I made this blue because one of my goals in this class was to create a birthday present for a good friend of mine, and he said he likes the color blue.  To make this, I rolled the bubble in frit, and after it was melted it in, I blew it into an optics mold. An optics mold is like a narrow pointy version of a bundt pan, but without the hole in the middle. It makes ridges on the edge of the glass, which is where the frit gets concentrated.

Using the marver table, I twisted the bubble to make the lines spiral around, then smoothed it out and finished the cup.  I like the way the transparency makes the lines seem to cross one another.

Sometimes I feel like I ought to try something harder than tumblers, but I like tumblers. They’re functional, and the simple shape lets me experiment with coloring variations, like the optics mold or dragging lines or the mold that makes bubbles.

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