May 28

Book Review: Ruby Red

Ruby Red (Ruby Red Trilogy, #1)Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

I thought I’d grown tired of YA fantasy, but apparently I can be wooed back into the fold with time travelers. I got this as an audiobook, and was drawn in by the narrator’s depiction of an average modern British teen who just happens to see ghosts and have a cousin who’s fated to be a time traveler.

There’s plenty of intrigue and mysteries and danger in this, as well as some cute costumes and a little bit of romance, provided by a cute, green-eyed boy who looks good in knee britches and knows how to fence. There are evil counts, gargoyles, dopplegangers, a hidden society, and a mysterious kiss.

I was afraid by the pacing that the plot would not be resolved in only one book, and unfortunately, that turned out to be the case. Intrigues are set up but not explained, and there isn’t a traditional plot arc. This book will be unsatisfying unless you recognize that it’s part of a larger story. I recommend this for YA fans who don’t mind getting involved in a series.

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