Jun 10

Bubble Vase

I wanted to make a tumbler using a special mold that looks a little like a cuddly version of an iron maiden. It’s cylindrical and tapered, with dull spikes all over the inside, and if you were to use it on a simple piece of glass, you’d get a shape not unlike some jelly glasses from the 70’s. When you cover a cylinder covered in divots with clear glass, it makes these bubbles.

I loved the color, the evenness of the bubbles, and the straight sides of this. Dave Vogt suggested that I roll it out on the marver table with the jacks inside to make it bigger, but I was happy with the size and didn’t want to ruin it.  I should have taken a better look at how thick it was. The sides are a good 1/2″ thick.  It’s not really useful as a drinking glass, though it’s not a bad bud vase.

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