Jun 14

Book Review: Hero to Zero

Hero To ZeroHero To Zero by Zach Fortier

I got this off bookbub, figuring that I was willing to take a chance on a free book. It’s exactly as promised: stories of cops who went from excelling in their career to being persona-non-grata, usually because of hubris.

Fortier has a direct style of writing. For the most part, it’s “just the facts” but when he has an opinion of a person’s character, he doesn’t hide it. Ther stories themselves are fascinating, and more than once I wished he would expand on it. Any one of these stories could be the outline for its own novel. I’ve read many true-crime novels with less material to work with. So in a way, it was frustrating that Fortier didn’t elaborate and find out more details in some cases. He’d just say something like “so and so eventually got caught in a drug bust and arrested for being with an underage girl” and I’d think “Wait, tell us more about that!” but he’d just go on to the next story.

I liked this book. It was pretty short, but it had a distinct viewpoint that felt authentic and I enjoyed getting to know more about what it’s like to be a cop.

I recommend this for fans of true crime novels.

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