Sep 13

Changer’s Turf Progress

I finished the first draft of CHANGER’S TURF in August, a little over a year after I started. Since then I’ve been working hard on revisions. I got a new software, called Scrivener, and I can’t believe I’ve ever been so foolish as to attempt a revision without it.Usually a revision is a messy affair, involving notecards, stacks of tiny printouts of chapters, and various chunks of manuscript cut and pasted (with scissors! and tape!) and laid together on the living room floor, while the cats do their best to foil my efforts. Now I can do it all on the computer.I’m so fortunate to have a number of amazing writer friends who have been willing to read my draft and give me feedback. When I’m done with this edit, I’ll get a working cover so that I can print out proofs for copyediting.

Hope you guys can wait a little longer. (I’m not the most patient person either.) Current estimation is that CHANGER’S TURF will hit the shelves around Christmas. I’ll post a cover when I’ve got it.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already seen my new novel, ALTERNATE SUSAN, feel free to go to my link on the side to the posts where I’m serializing it. If you like it, it’s out now. It’s the first in a new series.

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