Oct 03

Keyhole Sprig Mug 1

I wanted to make ceramic gifts for some people I care about, so I had in my mind I would use sprigs to decorate the sides of coffee cups. Everyone can use coffee cups, right? I went through a lot of planning to make sure that they would be just what I wanted. ┬áSince the keyhole was to be the main decor, I wanted the glaze to be simple and elegant. I’d seen some commercially available which had black glaze on the outside and pure white on the inside, and that seemed like a good idea here too.

Alas, this one shows that the best laid plans, yada yada. To get a clean line at the lip, I glazed with white and then waxed over it on the inside, then dipped with black. Not only was the line not as clean as I wanted, but there are some dots of black on the keyhole as well. Alas. Still holds coffee, still goes in the dishwasher, but I’m not proud enough of it to give it away as a gift.

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