Oct 24

Spoon Rest 2 – Fancy Keyhole

I made a lot of test tiles this session, not so much because I wanted to test glazes ( I pretty much knew what I wanted to do) but because I had given so many of these away as spoon rests that I had run out.  These are more fun than usual ones, because they have the interesting key hole sprigs that I made.  That makes them slightly less practical, since it will trap food, but I put my spoon rests in the dishwasher, so that’s probably clean enough.

I’ve also used these as soap dishes, and pen rests, and a place to put the teabag when you’re done with it. They’re made with an extruder die shaped kind of like a smiley with dull fangs.  I think other people have called this “sushi dish” but I don’t like sushi that much. It basically makes one long curved plate with running feet underneath.  You cut them into chunks if you want smaller ones.  I lose a lot, because the ends are too curved, and if it’s too wet or too dry, the edges crack. Not sure yet what causes that, as I don’t make these very often. Pretty easy to make, if you have soft wedged clay and the extruder, but cleaning it and tidying up the plates afterwards takes a deft hand.

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