Dec 17

The Season of Asking

It seems like everyone this time of year is asking for something. I’ve been fielding calls from people asking for money, receiving fliers from charitable donation organizations, and even my favorite comic artist asked for pledges so he could stop living off ad revenue.

So now, it’s my turn. I’m not asking for money (though if you want to buy some books, please do! Click here for a list with links.) I’m asking for something that will really help me, and mean a lot to me. Reviews.

If you read this blog often, you’ll notice that I review a lot of books. I think that reviews are a great way to help other people find out about books, and also to have a community around a book or a series.

I’m asking you to write a review of one of my books. Please post it on Amazon, Nook, Goodreads, or wherever you like to go for reviews. Heck, you can post it more than one place!

If you haven’t read any of my work, and you’re patting your empty pockets right now, here are some books you can read for free.

Faerie Killer: posted on my blog. Here is a link to the first chapter.

Alternate Susan: posted on my blog. Here is a link to the first chapter.

Poisoned Bluestripe/Machine and her Mahout: free on Smashwords and affiliates.

Gingerbread House/Joey’s Undead Dog: free on Smashwords and also Kindle.

Mean Little Kitty/Waiting Room at the Hero League: free on Smashwords and also Kindle.

Voice Like a Cello/Bear Country: free on Smashwords and affiliates

If you have read my books, pretty please take a few moments to write a review of one or more of them. Reviews really influence whether or not other people are willing to take a chance on a new novel. If you don’t have time for a review, a star is better than nothing. Thank you so much!

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