Apr 07

Empty Mulberry Wands Box

empty mulberry wands box


This is the empty  box I’m going to use for the cover of MULBERRY WANDS, the sequel to ALTERNATE SUSAN. I made it much bigger this time, but still with the same proportions so I didn’t have to do much editing on gimp to make it work as the cover of the book.

I am thinking that the second shelf, the middle one, will have a wand of mulberry wood, if I can find some. I think they cut them in the spring, so I might be too late, as it’s April here in Tempe and therefore nearly summer. I’m working on some figurines too, and I thought about having a seedpod spraypainted to look like silver. I need some silver spraypaint for that.  The bigger part, on the top, will have the title, and the smaller part will have my name. I was thinking I’d just pin some blank paper to it, and do the lettering somewhere else, and then photo-edit them together. Still could change.

Anyway, that’s my book progress. It’s taking longer than I thought. Everything is taking longer than I thought. I feel like I was using reserves of energy that are running out and don’t replenish themselves, like fossil fuels. The publishing is taking longer, the editing is taking longer, and the book I’m writing now is taking a very long time. I hope it’s temporary.

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